The Concept

As we come along another season and continue our stories together, in order to get everyone right back into the robot-making groove, we are organising the third edition of our Kickoff Hackathon:


When and where

The Event will begin on the 9th of September, and the location is ICHB Pallady, Bucharest.

Robot in 16 Hours

Among the many activities we have planned for you, our main attraction will for sure be the "Robot in 16 Hours" challenge. The participating teams will be challenged to build a competitive robot during the 16 hours using whatever parts they can bring with them, but can also design custom parts which will be provided by us.

Live Stream

We will host a livestream on YouTube during the entirety of the event. Our MC will interview teams and do many fun activities with the participants. So if you want your mom, your dad, your aunt, or your dog to see, tell them to hop on to the Quantum Robotics YouTube channel.


In order to best test different robot ideas, after the Robot in 16h Challange a Demo will be held.

Custom Parts

The teams have the option to use customized parts, so our team will provide 3D printing and CNC services, which have time limits that will be announced at the beginning of the event.