Exceptional performance by the Quantum Robotics team at the first Tech Challenge event of the year at the FTC South Korea championship. The team won the gold medal by winning the Winning Alliance Award, a prize awarded to alliance teams winning the final of the competition on the field. The winning alliance was formed by the Romanian teams Quantum Robotics and AutoVortex, the latter being the captain of the alliance.

The theme of this year's "Rover Ruckus" is inspiring space exploration, and teams have to score by collecting minerals (balls and cubes) from the crater, which they have to sort and store in specially designed spaces.

ICHB team, called "Quantum Robotics" FTC RO77, will participate next week at the national robotics competition BRD First Tech Challenge Romania - 2nd edition

The contest will take place between March 23-25 at the Polivalenta Hall in Bucharest and will be attended by 90 teams from the most important competitions in the country, as well as 2 teams from abroad. There will be over 1000 students from across the country as well as 300 organizers.

Students from four high schools in Romania won the BRD First Tech Challenge competition, the biggest robotics competition in Romania, and thus qualified for the world stage of the competition, which will take place in Detroit, USA, where they have the chance to be remarked companies like NASA or SpaceX.

The winners were Technogods teams from Ecaterina Teodoroiu National College in Târgu-Jiu, XEO from Horea National College, Cloşca and Crişan from Alba Iulia, Quantum Robotics from Bucharest International Computer Theoretical High School and Qube from Mihai Viteazul National College in Bucharest.

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